Amazing net cage at 5 meters above the floor!


Whether you’re just learning the ropes or a hero of heights, we’ve got the fun covered for everyone.

The AltiGame concept is an aerial play area, 5 meters from the ground. You, with a helmet provided by be.UP Park, progress in total security on games similar to those of an adventure: you are going through barrels, walking on planks, cubes and even riding a skateboard attached to a wire!

What an amazing feeling you'll get while in this course! It is designed to boost your imagination, coordination and challenge your physical capabilities. This is also an excellent attraction for team building.


To create the safest environment possible for you, rules are displayed throughout the Park and enforced by our active and engaged Staff. Please check here for our GENERAL RULES and read the specific rules below: 

  • For safety reasons, kids less than 120 cm in height are not allowed in the AltiGame.
  • Participant maximum weight is 125 kgs.
  • Children 13 years and under must be supervised at all times by a parent or responsible adult guardian.
  • A safety briefing is completed before to discover the AltiGame and the essential rules are also clearly visible at the entry point into the play zone.
  • Helmet must be worn at all times when playing in the AltiGame (provided by be.UP Park).
  • Sharp objects, keys, loose items, jewellery, watches, hats, etc. must be removed before play.
  • Eyeglasses should be secure.
  • Avoid playing in the same platform or game of anyone significantly younger or less skilled than yourself.
  • Not to jump onto the netting (it is not a trampoline).
  • No food, drinks, gum or candy of any kind to be taken into AltiGame.
  • Follow all the be.Staff’s instructions.
  • Tired? Take a break on the mezzanine or have a seat around the play zones. 


The AltiGame access is included in the General admission.

be.Giant: General admission including Trampoline, AltiGame and Kids’ Maze = 1st session (1 hr): R120 per person / 2nd session (1 hr): R100 per person

be.Student (University Student Card required): General admission including Trampoline and AltiGame = 1st session (1 hr): R95 per person / 2nd session (1 hr): R85 per person

To see the special prices for MULTI-VISIT CARDS (5 sessions), GROUPS and GIFT CARDS, click here to get to our Hours & Pricing page.

  • Price excludes reusable grip socks - these can be purchased on entry for only R20 and you can bring them with on your next visit.
  • The Climbing Walls and AltiGame equipment (harness, shoes and helmet) is provided by be.UP Park for free. 
  • It is best to arrive 10 minutes early for preparation: this will assure full utilisation of the session playtime.
  • Sessions run on the half hour, every half hour. Click here to see our Opening hours.