Clip 'n Climb

Experience the thrill as you climb walls all the way to the top


This is not indoor rock climbing as you know it! This is the exciting new climbing phenomenon that is Clip 'n Climb at South Africa's very own be.Up Park facility, which will feature unique climbing experiences suitable for all ages and skill levels.

We have 11 Clip ’n Climb walls up to 8 meters each, in different levels that look like nothing you've seen before.

After a safety briefing you’ll be ready to tackle the vast array of walls and indoor climbing challenges. The extremely safe auto belay system means you don’t need a partner at the bottom watching you climb, so you get the most out of your experience. Race your friends up competition walls, test your skills on moving climbing elements and just have fun engaging with a new type of climbing system you’ve never tried before.


To create the safest environment possible for you, rules are displayed throughout the Park and enforced by our active and engaged Staff. Please check here for our GENERAL RULES and read the specific rules below: 

  • For safety reasons, kids less than 3 years old are not allowed in the Clip ’n Climb zone.
  • Participant minimum weight is 10 kgs and maximum weight is 150 kgs.
  • Children 13 years and under must be supervised at all times by a parent or responsible adult guardian.
  • A safety briefing is completed before you start and the essential rules are also clearly visible at the entry point into the play zone.
  • Clip ‘n Climb harnesses and be.UP closed toes must be worn at all times when climbing (provided by be.UP Park).
  • Participant must safely fit in harness.
  • No climbing without being clipped properly into the auto belay.
  • Long hair must be tied back.
  • No horseplay. Operator reserves the right to expel participant from the attraction if exhibiting this behavior.
  • Always check for a climber above you.
  • Sharp objects, keys, loose items, jewellery, watches, hats, etc. must be removed from person before play.
  • No food, drinks, gum or candy of any kind to be taken onto climbing walls.
  •  Follow all the be.Staff's instructions.
  • Tired? Take a break on the mezzanine or have a seat around the play zones. 


Admission to Clip ’n Climb area is not included in the General admission (be.Giant).

be.Climbing: Clip ’n Climb challenges = 1st session (30 min): R80 per person / 2nd session (30 min): R65 per person

To see the special prices for MULTI-VISIT CARDS (5 sessions), GIFT CARDS, click here to get to our Hours & Pricing page.

  • Price excludes reusable grip socks - these can be purchased on entry for only R20 and you can bring them with on your next visit.
  • The Climbing Walls and AltiGame equipment (harness, shoes and helmet) is provided by be.UP Park for free.
  • It is best to arrive 10 minutes early for preparation: this will assure full utilisation of the session playtime.
  • Sessions run on the half hour, every half hour. Click here to see our Opening hours.