By Krysia Gaweda

be.UP Park Indoor Family Fun Centre in Pinelands
Workout while having a good time at this new one-of-a-kind active hub suitable for the whole clan

Exercise; let’s be real – it’s not everyone’s (irrespective of age) cup of tea. Often associated with burning lungs and sweaty foreheads, it’s a serious no-go for the majority. But what if I told you there’s a brand-new one-of-a-kind indoor centre where playing in itself is exercising and exercising is, well, fun. You’d want to go there, wouldn’t you?

Thanks to the fresh-out-the-box Pinelands-based indoor family fun park called be.UP Park – which strives to introduce Capetonians to a unique approach of working out while having oodles of fun – the possibility of being active while having a great time has become far more than just plausible. Comprising colourful 8m tall climbing walls, rows of horizontal and inclined trampolines, a 5m high aerial obstacle course and a puzzling maze – exercising while having fun is now a reality!

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By Crystal Espin

be.UP Park Indoor Family Fun Park Will Be Your Kids’ New-Favourite Place!

If you’re a parent to an adventurous little one then you probably know that indoor trampoline parks are all the rage at the moment. By now you’ve probably attended a million and one birthday parties at one of the many trampoline parks in Cape Town and chances are your kids have begged you to take them to the closest one at least every other weekend. But, as fun as these indoor trampoline parks are it was only a matter of time before someone took the idea of indoor adventure to the next level. If you’re a little bit bored of the trampoline park vibe then be.Up Indoor Family Fun Park is just what you and the kids have been waiting for – with everything from indoor trampolining to climbing walls, an elevated obstacle course, and a giant maze, be.Up is the ultimate place to have fun indoors this winter. But, it’s not just for kids – adults will love it too!

I went to check out the new adventure spot in Pinelands and I have to admit, I was impressed – super impressed! There really is no place like this in Cape Town and I couldn’t help but feel like a kid again when exploring the many different activities inside the massive be.Up complex. We arrived on a rainy Monday morning to find that the place was already quite full with kids exploring every nook and cranny of the space. We started at the Clip ‘n Climb area which allows you to scramble your way up to the top of 11 different themed climbing walls up to 8 metres high. Each climbing wall is fitted with an automatic belay system which is there to catch you when you fall and guide you safely to the bottom of the wall. From a timed scramble that challenges you to beat the fastest time to a wall of giant stacked lego blocks, and even a wall adorned with disco lights, there’s so much to explore in this section.

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Posted by Savage on Jun 22nd, 2016

The new be.UP Park is the best kids indoor play arena in Cape Town

School holidays are about to start and if you’re a parent then you will no doubt be dreading having to keep your kids entertained for the winter. There are only so many new movies you can go watch and once you’ve done the Two Oceans Aquarium, the museum and shopping malls there are only a handful of other indoor activities you can go to. Well you can now add be.UP Park to the list and it’s probably the best one out there. It only just opened and everything inside is brand new and imported. It’s located in Pinelands and the massive warehouse includes the biggest kids maze playground in the city as well as several awesome climbing walls will decelerators, a suspended obstacle course and a trampoline arena that is bound to tire out even the most energetic children.

When i said biggest kids maze i wasn’t kidding. Look how awesome this looks. 5 levels of pure kid heaven.

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