be.UP Jump Academy

Ever wanted to learn how to flip? Get ready for our training!


The be.UP Jump Academy is a program designed for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner learning basics or an advanced jumper trying to master those doubles, twists and layouts, this program is for you!

Start as simple as you like, gain your confidence and then bounce high and don’t be afraid to fly before your soft landing on our Big-Bag. As your confidence grows try different moves in the air before landing! Afterwards, you can practice flips on our Olympic trampoline, which is super bouncy and has loads of room to learn new tricks! You could also learn to walk The Wall.

As the course progresses, the skills, movements and combinations will advance making each session exciting and new. Hurry up, join the be.UP Jump Academy! Our classes are available for Kids and Adults in packages of 5 or 10 lessons.

The Trampoline courses will follow a structured yet ever evolving program that will be tailored to the progression and skill level of attendees as each week passes.

Don't wait to fill out the Form on this page to book your first lesson NOW ! Or call our Central Office 076 372 1330 anytime from Monday - Friday (9:00AM-5:00PM) if you need more information.


Coach Hiroi

Hiroi has been trampolining since 5 years old.  She has won six Japanese National youth competitions, two World Age Group titles, two British National Synchro, two Japanese National Synchro, the British University competition three times, the Dave Ward-Hunt Cup twice, and the Indo Pacific Championships. She has also represented Japan for World Cups and World Championships for 15 years. She has competed in the World Games twice. WAO, right?!

And the best thing is she is also a qualified trampolining coach/judge under British Gymnastics. She thoroughly enjoy coaching especially seeing her students improve!

♥  Hiroi performed as an acrobat in the trampo-wall act on Dralion for over 6 years.


  • We would love to cater for everyone, however for safety reasons all participants are required to meet a minimum age requirement of 6 years.
  •  Small Classes, for loads of personal attention.
  • The be.UP Park liability waiver is required for each jumper (if you are under 18 years, you must have your waiver signed by your parent or legal guardian).
  • be.UP grip socks are compulsory: they cost R20 a pair and are yours to keep and re-use.
  • Classes are 45 minutes in duration and have a maximum of six participants per level.
  • Class breakdown: 10 min warm-up / 30 min class / 5 min warm down. 
  • be.UP Jump Academy classes are not conducted on School and Public holidays. 


1 lesson
5 lessons
10 lessons

 R210/1 lesson

1 shot of 45 min.

R900/5 lessons

(R180 each lesson)

 R1.600/10 lessons

(R160 each lesson)

 1 lesson for the FUN... or to be sure to want to continue
The 5 sessions should be taken in a row, by the same person, once a week, excluding school & public holidays.
The 10 sessions should be taken in a row, by the same person, once a week, excluding school & public holidays.


Do I need to sign a waiver before I can participate?

Yes. Everybody needs to have a waiver signed.
If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver for you, but does not have to be present when you visit the facility.
Waivers can be filled out online or filled out at the location.
Waivers will stay on file for one year.

Can I complete my waiver online?

Yes. Click here to sign your waiver online.

We highly recommend completing waivers online so that they link with our booking system at the park and you will have a much quicker check-in process when you arrive.

We have tablets you can use just in case, but you don’t want to miss a minute of your session, do you?

Is Trampoline jumping dangerous?

Trampoline jumping is comparable in risk to other sports like skateboarding, snow skiing, ice hockey and football. Jump within your ability and don’t attempt advanced moves that are beyond you.

Our Trampoline monitor is trained to predict and prevent - not just react to things.

What are the benefits of the Trampoline classes?

  • Low Impact workout
  • Increased fitness
  • Improved body awareness
  • Improved muscle tone & endurance
  • Improved Core strength
  • Improved coordination and motor control
  • And a LOT of FUN!

What should I wear/bring?

- Athletic clothing you can jump, climb and be.Happy in! Only appropriate clothing must be worn. This means loose-fitting clothes, T-shirts and athletic wear that allows pores to breathe. This may seem a bit obvious but we don’t allow stuff with pointy bits in the play zones.
- Your be.UP grip socks each day, provided on the first day of camp. R20 replacement fee if lost/forgotten.
- Water bottle.

Note that:
- NO food: We have a full Café that offers a variety of delicious freshly made food and your favourite snacks and refreshments. Visit our menu.
- No valuables, money, toys or electronics during the Camp.

What shoes can I wear?

As all shoes need to be removed and be.UP Park grip socks worn, we have no requirements for footwear. be.UP provides free shoes for AltiGame and Climbing Wall activities.

Where can I store my shoes and belongings during my stay in be.UP Park?

For your convenience we offer free shoe cubbies.

We have several lockers available for your valuables, phones, etc. With a deposit of R30, we give you a padlock for the duration of your session. Don’t forget to leave the padlock at the reception before leaving.
Your property is left in these lockers entirely at your own risk.

Note that be.UP Park is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Why do I need to wear those grippy be.UP socks?

Our be.UP socks have been designed to increase grip in the games, reducing the risk of injury. Yes, it’s now a bit of a legal requirement sort of thing. We want to do whatever it takes to keep you safe after all.

The socks cost just R20 and are yours to keep and re-use.

Do I need to buy the grippy be.UP socks every time I visit my favourite Park?

No, you can buy them once and bring them every time you visit.

Can I wear glasses?

Sure. It’s important to see, but they may fall off so wear them at your own risk.

Lost and found

If you have lost anything at our site please email us at with subject Lost Property and a description and we will check it. .

We do not take responsibility for anything lost at the site.

I have a few questions, who can I call?

Don't forget to have a look at our General FAQ.

We’re always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Simply call our Central Office 076 372 1330 anytime from Monday - Friday (9:00AM-5:00PM).

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